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What you need to know to get started

Network Membership is the driving force behind Sonder. All of the projects and initiatives in the Grand Traverse Region's DEI Action Network are led by the members and what they hear in the community. This is a place to collaborate and gather resources for action-focused projects and be a map for what activities are currently happening "Up North".


Take the survey

Tell us what you are currently doing in the DEI space and what needs you are hearing from the community

Learn about the network and what joining looks like

Schedule time to go deeper into your DEI work and what a relationship with the network would be

Sharing resources

2 types of memberships - Individual & Organizational. These resources are the driving force that allows the network to do action

Pick any two out of the 3 categories to lend the network - time, talent, or treasure

Monthly gatherings to share resources and collaborate

Once a month come together as the entire network

Gain skill sets, explore DEI partnerships, support the region, and do good work in our communities

Join 1 of 4 focus topics and work on a year long DEI project with your team

These 4 focus areas are year length collaborative projects on a specific community need

Membership: List
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These resources are what keep the network moving forward and power our ability to support communities with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in mind.

We have two types of membership, Individual and Organizational. Both encourage you to choose a combination of donating Time, Talent, or Treasure. 

These resources are used to fund projects, support initiatives, and run programs.

Membership: About


Pick any 2 out of the 3

By being an Individual Member you are the one to set the agenda and drive the Implementation Areas for the Network. Individuals are the ones that make things happen.


In addition to being at the center of the work, you also are provided Professional Development Opportunities, Community Engagement Opportunities, and robust Social & Professional Networking. 


You will also have access to the Network Forums and Groups to be better connected with eachother.

The Network cannot exist without passionate individuals at the wheel. 

These are suggested ways to support the network with resources. There can always be conversation about what works best for you.

Cleaning the Beach


Volunteering or Helping with General Activities

Jeweller Working


Professional Services | e.g. accounting, project management, repairs

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Financial or Product Contribution


Pick any 2 out of the 3

Work in communities always comes back to organizations and the relationship between them. You are often seen as the champions of systems change.

As an Organizational Member, the resources you are able to gather and bring to the table can make the world of a difference in an endeavor. 

While being a member you will have access to:

  • DEI Strategic Planning ($20k Value)

  • DEI Consulting and Coaching ($40k Value)

  • The Ecosystem of Shared Resources for DEI Projects

  • Corporate Representation in Network Meetings and Implementation Teams

  • DEI Best Practices and Business Growth Benefits

  • Storefront Member Banners, Press Release, and Digital Marketing Highlight package

In addition to Time, Talent, and Treasure we also ask that you sign a pledge with CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion.

There are 4 tiers of membership based on your organization's size.

  • New Business* (<$251k)

  • Small - $251k - $500k

  • Medium - $501k-$3million

  • Large - >$3million

*Time Talent Treasure donations adjusted on a case-by-case basis for New Businesses. 

These are suggested ways to support the network with resources. There can always be conversation about what works best for you.

CEO Action_edited.png

The Pledge

By signing the pledge, you also have free access to the entirety of their nationwide network of 2000+ organizations.

  1. We will continue to make our workplaces trusting places to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity and inclusion

  2. We will implement and expand unconscious bias education

  3. We will share best—and unsuccessful—practices

  4. We will create and share strategic inclusion and diversity plans with our board of directors

Cleaning the Beach


Staff Opportunities

8 Hours of DEI training or volunteering per employee

Jeweller Working


Professional Services | e.g. accounting, project management, repairs

Image by Katt Yukawa


Financial or Product Contribution



Network Meetings

Every month the entire network comes together to share opportunities, challenges, and requests for resources. This is a largely self-directed time to respond to needs the members see in their communities.

There are also scheduled guest speakers brought in to help the Network increase its capabilities to do work around DEI.

Focus Areas and Implementation Teams

At the start of the year the network identifies four Focus Areas it would like to particularly address. (Culture, education, business development, and accessibility for example.)

Members self select what Implementation Team they will spend the year supporting. There is one team for each area. The Implementation Team will identify a project that can best support that community need - and aim to have the project implemented by the end of the year.


Being a member is however involved you make it. 

There is one general network-wide meeting a month to exchange resources and support. 

And there is an average of 2 Implementation Team meetings a month to work on a specific year long project. 

Otherwise, you are free to network, collaborate, and be supported in any other projects on your plate to whatever degree you personally wish to pursue. 

This is an ecosystem of shared resources to help aid you to support our Northern Michigan community. Take and give however much you would like. 


There are two types of membership - Individual and Organizational. Each requests a combination of Time, Talent, and Treasure.

Time is volunteering hours in the Implementation Teams, Events, or other general support.

Talent is professional talent you are about to bring to the table from your background. This could be helping out with graphic design or accounting, for example.

Treasure is a financial or product donation to be used to help fund the Network's initiatives.

Organizational membership also includes signing a Pledge from CEO Action on D&I.


Yes, Raven & Lotus who houses this project has a Fiduciary Agreement with United Way of Northwest Michigan. 

Any funds or donations runs through United Way's 501(c)3 for the network.

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