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Members' Area

Where We Gather

Fostering a Culture of Belonging starts and grows through dialogue. And dialogue across communities needs systems to support it. 


In the Member's Area, you will find Groups and Forums.


Groups are Member led places to just exchange ideas on various topics. A place to exchange recipes or host book clubs or organize a gathering. 


Forums are topic-specific areas for us to collaborate on work together. This is where Implementation Teams can connect or where monthly pushes (like Land Acknowledgments) can be addressed. 


This is the general space for Network Members to gather. Here we bring resources, discuss ideas and actions around DEI, express community needs, and opportunities for collaboration.


Topics here are not typically included in the Monthly Network Meetings. This is also a space for self-directed dialogue in between sessions.


Dialogue is a core to the Sonder DEI Network. The Forum is a place to exchange thoughts and lead action asynchronously.

Here you can participate in Implementation Teams, short-term projects that came out of the Monthly Network Meetings, and catch up on any happenings around the region.

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